Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow, Snow GO AWAY!

We have had a lovely snow filled week, not as much as my dear family and friends in OK but enough that I am ready to move to the beach!

Snow came in late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Schools have been out since Monday, and Hannah has been home since then as well. I was able to get a "snow day" from work on Tuesday so we went out and played in the snow with Daddy and Milo. It was fun, but super cold! We didn't stay out long. Hannah couldn't figure out what to do with gloves. They are the mitten kind and she couldn't get her hands all the way so she couldn't pick up snow all that well.

J and I went back to work Wed-Fri. I envy those Moms that get to stay home everyday with their kiddos, but I can't lie.. I enjoyed being able to get out of the house! This TERRIBLE TWOS girl can't sit still! It is hard to channel her energy. We stocked up on food an essentials but not on crafty things we could do! Note to self: prepare for activities for next storm...

which is THIS WEEK! OMG really? Looks like it is set to come in Wednesday? Tuesday night? and I have an interview on Wednesday! Normally J and I carpool (for many reasons) during this weather but Wednesday we won't be able to! I will be a nervous wreck all day with driving in it and then the nerves from the interview! Geebers!

We have also been dealing with illness this week. Last sunday I came down with my 2nd 24 hour stomach bug of the year (last one on New Years), Wednesday J got it, and Thursday Hannah had it. That was not fun! The poor girl got sick 5 times in about an hour and half. We spent (her and I) half the night on the living room floor sleeping and waking because she couldn't find a comfortable position, then the rest she spent in her bed while I slept on the floor! We went to the dr yesterday just to make sure it wasn't anything major, and he confirmed it was just the bug. Yay! lets hope we are done passing that around!

No pictures up yet, I have to get the on the computer first!!!