Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah

What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! We celebrated Hannah's birthday 3 days in a row! On her actual birthday we did our normal Saturday routine when Mom and Grandma are in town (shop while Hannah naps) and then right before dinner time we went to Build A Bear. Hannah got spoiled (as usual) and got 2 bears! She really wasn't that interested in the bear as she was running around the store. Who knows, maybe next year!

Sunday we held our little birthday party with family and friends at our house! We enjoyed visiting with family and friends, eating chili and cake. Silly Hannah did not like everyone singing happy birthday to her!

On Monday, I was off, school was out too so Hannah stayed home with me. We did some errands and grabbed lunch with Nana and Papa since Papa was gone for her birthday. This dress (below) is from a family friend. It is so precious! As you can see our lovely 2 year old does not want to sit still for a pretty photo!

This week was another busy week. We have all been battling colds this week and trying to get over them. It 'snowed', which always causes our days to be kind of crazy. 

Our new church also opened this weekend so we have been doing various things with our campus trying to prepare for that! It was an amazing day and week but I was so tired after! Hannah and I got in a nice little Mommy/Daughter nap today! I slept for over an hour and didn't move a muscle! :)

This is Hannah today on the way home from church. We stopped at Sonic to get lunch. You can see she is tired. She was asleep by the time we got home (a 5 minute trip), I made her eat lunch and then she was wide awake! Would not lay down for a nap!

This is the other BIG thing we did this week. It has been good and bad. We have had a few nights/naptimes where she did not want to stay in bed when it was time. She has also started getting up earlier, almost an hour earlier! 

I forgot to put this one on top!
Happy Birthday Hannah!

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